Two Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Dentists

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Everybody has a life outside of the office, and dentists are no exception, in fact, before you start your next appointment, you may want to ask our dentist Dr. Jasna Kun about her hobbies, or maybe even share some of your own. Here are some famous names from history that you may have not known were dentists.

You may know the name Doc Holliday, as one of the people involved in the famous shootout at the O.K Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. He may have been famous as a gunfighter, but he was known as “Doc” because he was a dentist! He actually got his dental degree in Pennsylvania, before moving west. He continued to practice, even after his famous shootout.

Paul Revere is known for his famous ride during the American Revolution to warn the colonists that the British were coming. But he was also a silversmith and a dentist. In fact, he made dentures and could identify casualties from the Battle of Bunker Hill by the dental work he had done on the victims.

You may only know the dentist as the person who takes care of your mouth and teeth, but there may be much more to their story. It may be time for you to get to know the dentist better, or just to have your teeth cleaned and checked. Whatever the case me be for you, we would be happy to see you at Dental Solutions of Northboro! If you live in the Northborough, Massachusetts, area, call 508-393-4777 today. We’re waiting for your call!