Benefits of Bridges for Teeth

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If you are missing a permanent tooth due to the unfortunate occurrence of oral trauma, gum disease or other oral issues, you can find an excellent solution at Dental Solutions of Northboro. Our dentist may suggest a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth, and we offer basic information on this type of dental restoration.

This custom-made dental appliance comprises of a false tooth referred to in dental term as a pontic and two dental crowns on each side that cover the neighboring teeth in order to provide anchors. Typically, we offer bridges crafted from durable porcelain to ensure they match the rest of the natural teeth.

Our dentist can fix the dental bridge to your mouth by attaching it to a surgically placed dental implant, which is a very popular method. If needed, we can simply attach the bridge using the dental crown on each side so that it is removable like typical dentures and can be removed for cleanings. On average, a dental bridge can last five to seven years, but some live a decade or longer when they receive proper care.

The purpose of dental bridges is to replace missing teeth so that it is easy to chew food and properly enunciate words. This appliance functions similar to natural teeth and looks identical to the rest of your smile.

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