A Dental Crown Restoration Might Need to Treat Tooth Enamel Attrition

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Tooth enamel attrition is a chronic condition that can result when two or more teeth rub together at an unnatural angle. Also known as dental attrition, it can gradually lead to increasing tooth sensitivity and tooth decay. In some cases, the compromised structural integrity of the tooth can lead to a severe dental fracture.

If you have noticed an abnormal change in texture or sensitivity with one of your teeth, you should set up an appointment with our dentists. After examining the tooth, they can help you understand your treatment options.

In a case where the compromised area of tooth enamel is relatively small and tooth decay has not developed, our dentists might be able to treat it with dental filling. If the compromised area is large, it might require our dentists to perform a dental crown restoration.

This mode of treatment is designed to replace the tooth’s enamel layer with a special material. Most dental crowns are created from either porcelain, gold or an alloy of base metals.

If necessary, our dentists might also alter the biting surface of the tooth that caused the dental attrition or recommend another option to help prevent a redeveloping problem.

If you live in the Northborough, Massachusetts, area and you suspect dental attrition has started to affect one of your teeth, you should call 508-393-4777 to have it examined and treated at Dental Solutions of Northboro.